Week 9 – Standing Strikes, Transitions to Guard, Sacrifice Throws

This Saturday, April 24th at GB Saddle Rock is our Women’s Self-Defense Seminar! Sign up on Eventbrite.com or talk to our staff this week!

In our fundamentals class, we will be working on blocking punches in the turtle position and recovering guard position. We will also show the Pendulum Sweep and Straight Arm Bar from closed guard. In Class B we will teach how to recover to closed guard when an opponent has the knee on belly position.

In the Gracie Barra Kids program, we are working on an escape, and a hip throw. Later in the week, we will also work on the compass step as well as a foot sweep. Students will finish with specific training.

In our advanced class, students will work on nuanced transitions to the guard position, guard submissions, and ground technique. Students will work on X Guard sweep controlling the pants, and pulling to single leg X.