Week 9 – Standing Strike, Transitions to the Guard, & Sacrifice Throws

The GBK Little Champions 1 (ages 3-5) class will cover the Front Bear Hug Escape & Body Lock Takedown during the Self-Defense portion of the class. Students will learn to take the back from Guard for the ground technique, & will finish with specific training. Later in the week, students will learn to off-balance their opponents using Judo-Grip basics!

The GBK Little Champions 2 (ages 6-9) will also cover the Front Bear Hug Escape and the Same Judo-Grips Basics. The Ground technique will learn a Sweeps & Submission of the Professors choice and finish off with specific training from the bottom Guard position.

The GBK Juniors (ages 9-13) will learn the Front Bear Hug Escape and a Compass Step Foot Sweep. Juniors will also learn a Sweep & Submission of the Professor’s choice. The class will end similarly to LC1 and LC2 with specific training.

GB1 Fundamentals classes will focus on recovering guard and blocking strikes during the Self-Defense Portion of class. Sport Jiu-Jitsu techniques this week will be the Pendulum Sweep, Straight Arm-Bar, taking the back & a triangle from closed guard. GB1 Drills this week will use all of the sport Jiu-Jitsu techniques. The class will end with specific training.

GB2 Advanced classes will work on the Tornado Throw, Single leg X, and X Guard. Our Professor will show an X Guard sweep, Single-Leg X sweep, & X Guard sweep to the back! The class will finish with specific training.

We will see you on the mats!