Week 9! Standing strike, sacrifice throws and bottom guard!

Greetings from our training academy! We’re thrilled to share the exciting and enriching lineup of techniques that await our students this week. Our focus is on transitions to the guard and sacrifice throws, essential skills in the martial arts world that empower individuals both on and off the mat.

GB Fundamentals classes:

We’ve meticulously crafted a curriculum that covers a spectrum of crucial techniques. Central to this week’s Class A lessons is mastering the art of blocking punches from the turtle position and transitioning into guard recovery. These defensive maneuvers are pivotal in real-world situations, where ground defense skills are paramount. Additionally, we’ll delve into the nuances of the Pendulum Sweep, a move that seamlessly transitions into an armbar. Understanding this sequence not only teaches leverage and control but equips you with practical self-defense strategies. Class B will focus on countering punches from the knee-on-belly position, regaining guard, and advanced techniques like taking the back from closed guard and executing the potent triangle choke, a formidable weapon in any practitioner’s arsenal.

All-Levels classes:

We present a dynamic and challenging curriculum catering to practitioners of varied experience levels. This week, we’ll comprehensively explore defending single leg takedowns using sacrifice throws, adding a strategic layer to your repertoire. Standing sacrifice throws will also be a focus, enhancing your standing defense toolkit. Moreover, refining techniques like the pendulum sweep, armbar, flower sweep, and omaplata will not only enrich your technical arsenal but also improve your overall physical fitness, coordination, and mental sharpness. Our program ensures a well-rounded skill set that’s applicable both in the gym and in real-life situations.

GBK Classes:

This week, our young learners will master escaping bear hugs, a vital self-defense skill that empowers them to handle potentially dangerous situations. They’ll also be introduced to the hip throw, a powerful technique particularly useful against larger opponents. On the ground, they’ll explore the intricacies of the flower sweep, enhancing their ground game.

In conclusion, our training programs offer a diverse array of techniques, all rooted in real-life applicability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, mastering transitions to the guard and sacrifice throws not only hones your physical prowess but also nurtures mental acuity and self-defense skills.

Join us this week and embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth! See you on the mats! 🥋🌟

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