Week 9 – Sacrifice Throws, Closed Guard & More

Hello everyone! It’s Monday again and that means it’s a new week to become a better Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner.
Let’s get to it!

In the GB1 Fundamentals Class A Self-Defense portion, we will work on blocking punches from the Turtle Position Recovering the Guard. The Sport Jiu-Jitsu move of Class A is a pendulum sweep straight armbar from Closed guard when the opponent defends the sweep. GB1 Drill will include pendulum sweep, mount, a mount escape. Class B Self Defense will be similar to Class A. The Sport Jiu-Jitsu move will be taking back from closed guard. We will also cover a Triangle from the closed guard. The 2nd drill this week will be recovering the guard from the side mount and a submission. As always, we will end with specific training. After each class, we will have time for Live rolls.

GBK Juniors LC1 / Il Self Defense Class A is the Front Bear Hug escape over the arms a hip throw. The ground technique will be a sweep of the instructor’s choice. We will finish with specific training. Class B Stand up technique will involve a Compass step + Foot Sweep. The ground technique will involve an instructor’s chosen sweep.

This week is a good week to start training with Gracie Barra! Drop-in for a class. First-class is always free!