Week 9 – Sacrifice Throws, Closed Guard and More

This week we are working transitions to the guard and sacrifice throws. On the ground game we are working from the guard position.

In the Gracie Barra Fundamentals program, you will learn how to block punches from the turtle position and recover the guard. You will also learn how to perfect the Pendulum Sweep and transition it into an armbar. In Class B you will learn to defend punches from knee on belly and recover the guard. You will also learn how to take the back from closed guard and the triangle choke.

In the All-Levels program you will learn how to defend a single leg takedown with a sacrifice throw and how t do a sacrifice throw from standing. In addition, you will work the pendulum sweep, armbar, flower sweep and the omaplata. This week is going to be fun.

In the Kids program, students will learn to escape from a bear hug and transition to a hip thrown. And on the ground, they will work the flower sweep.

This is a great week to train at Gracie Barra. Drop in for a class. The first is always free!