Week 9 – Pendulum Sweep, Arm Bars and More

This week we are practicing some great closed guard techniques including the Pendulum Sweep and Arm Bar.

In the fundamentals class we we show you how to block punches from turtle and transition to the closed guard. From their we share the pendulum sweep and the straight arm bar. In Class B we show how to recover the guard when an opponent has knee on belly and how to take the back from closed guard. And to really up your game you will learn how to perform the classic triangle submission.

In the Gracie Barra Kids program we are also working from the guard position. We train options on how to maintain and control the guard position and how to manage the sit up sweep. The word of the week is Brotherhood: an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest.

In the advanced curriculum our professors share their sacrifice throws, transitions to the guard and guard submissions.

For more on closed guard and learning how to take the back check out these videos:

GB Learning : How To Take The Back