Week 9: A Detailed Overview of This Week’s Training

Greetings Gracie Barra Centennial community! As we gear up for another exciting week of training, let’s delve into the specific techniques and skills we’ll be focusing on. From guard transitions to sacrifice throws, this week promises to be both challenging and rewarding for practitioners across all programs.

In our Fundamentals program, participants will dive into the intricacies of blocking punches from the turtle position and recovering the guard. The Pendulum Sweep takes center stage as practitioners learn to execute it flawlessly, seamlessly transitioning into an armbar. Class B attendees will focus on defending punches from knee on belly, recovering the guard, taking the back from closed guard, and perfecting the triangle choke. It’s a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance both defensive and offensive capabilities on the ground.

The All-Levels program introduces the art of defending a single leg takedown with a sacrifice throw, offering practical solutions for both standing and ground scenarios. The week’s curriculum also includes the Pendulum Sweep, armbar, flower sweep, and the omaplata – a dynamic range of techniques that caters to various skill levels. Get ready for a week filled with diverse and engaging training sessions!

Kids Program Highlights:
Our young warriors in the Kids program will focus on self-defense techniques this week. From escaping a bear hug to smoothly transitioning into a hip throw, our young enthusiasts will develop essential skills for handling different situations. On the ground, the flower sweep takes center stage as kids explore the fundamentals of ground control and positional dominance.

Word of the Week: Safety

Safety in Jiu Jitsu goes beyond preventing injuries – it’s about cultivating a mindset of mutual respect and responsibility. Practitioners learn to gauge the intensity of their movements, ensuring that training partners feel comfortable and secure throughout the session. It’s this commitment to safety that fosters trust within the Gracie Barra Centennial community, allowing everyone to push their limits in a supportive and injury-conscious atmosphere.

Dive into each session with enthusiasm, knowing that you’re not only mastering Jiu Jitsu skills but also contributing to a culture of safety and respect. Let’s make this week memorable, challenging ourselves to grow both on and off the mats. See you at Gracie Barra Centennial!

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