Week 8 – Clinches & Holds, Foot Throws, Side Mount

This week in our GBK classes students will work on the One Hand front choke escape, as well as the two-hand front choke escape. The ground technique will be a side mount attack of the instructor’s choice. As always students will finish with specific training.

Our GB1 Fundamentals classes self-defense portion will involve clinches & holds armbar, and a headlock takedown. The sport jiu-jitsu portion of the class will key in on the side mount position. The GB1 Drill this week is the instructor’s choice. Students will finish with specific training.

GB2 Advanced classes will begin with our warm-up, then students will work through a foot sweep. The ground technique just like our GB1 class will revolve around side mount. Instructors will show a side control escape to the back & an escape to a closed guard. There will also be information on a kimura from the side mount. Students end with specific training.

April 24th at Gracie Barra Saddle Rock there will be a Women’s Self-Defense Seminar! Be sure to ask about it next time you stop in for class!