Week 7 – Ground Strikes, Leg Grabs, & Guard

Our GBK classes will consist of a wrist grab escape, guard pass, single-leg takedown, and more. Our Specific training will start from a closed guard position. The students will also work on posturing to help pass the guard.

In the GB1 Fundamentals program, students will work on distance management, side-mount control, and more. The Sport Jiu-Jitsu part of the class will cover an over-the-leg guard pass as well as a half-guard pass using the hook. Additionally, students will learn a transition to the mount position. The drill this week will surround the passing guard, side-mount, and opening guard on the knees. Specific training will focus on the Guard position. Later in the week, students will work on the Spider Guard Position as well as a spider guard pass!

Our GB2 Advanced classes will work on advanced leg grabs, a double leg with an inside hook trip, and a spider guard pass. Professors will also show a lasso guard pass with a knee slide and a single leg from arm drag. We will finish with specific training.

Thank you for keeping up to date with our posts! We will see you on the mats!