Week 7! Ground strike, leg grabs and guard

Welcome back to Week 7! We’ve made it to the halfway point of the GB Curriculum once again! Let’s dive into what we have in store for this week.

For our GBK classes (LC I & II / Juniors), we’ll be focusing on a wrist grab escape, guard pass, and more. Specific training will be focused on guard retention from bottom and breaking the guard from top.

In the GB All-Levels program, we’ll be teaching the double leg turning the corner. In the sport jiu-jitsu segment of the class, we’ll cover breaking the guard over leg pass. Specific training will then be dedicated to honing guard passing skills. Our instructors will also demonstrate a couple submissions from from top mount.

GB1 Fundamentals will concentrate on distance management and a body lock takedown to side control. In sport jiu-jitsu, the focus will be on opening the guard and executing passes to side control. The GB1 drill will flow smoothly from guard position to side control, and then to mount. The session will conclude with specific training and live rolls.

In our GB2 Advanced classes, we’ll explore advanced leg grabs, a double leg takedown with an inside hook trip, and a spider guard pass. Additionally, our professors will demonstrate a lasso guard pass with a knee slide and a single leg takedown from an arm drag. The class will conclude with specific training exercises.

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