Week 6 – Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws, & Back/Turtle

This week our GBK Students will work on the grappler’s stance, posture, and our body lock takedown. Next, students will learn a back escape of the instructor’s choosing, and we will finish with specific training surrounding the back & Turtle position.

In the GB1 Fundamentals classes, we will start by escaping from headlocks, and an armbar. We will transition toward the back and turtle position by working on recovering the guard from the turtle. Later in the week, instructors will show a bridge escape from the back & side-mount. GB1 will finish with specific training.

Finally, in our GB2 Advanced classes, students will learn a hip throw sweeping both legs, a 2 hand shoulder throw, & chokes from the turtle. Additionally, students will learn chokes from the back, & an armbar from the back.

We hope to see you on the mats soon!