Week 6 – Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws, and Back/Turtle

This week is full of important techniques! Check out our other blogs and be sure to let us know what other information you would like to see here every week!

Our GBK program Class A will work on escaping headlocks with punches. Class B will start with a stand-up technique. Both Class A & B ground techniques revolve around back and turtle position escapes. Both classes will finish with the specific training of the instructor’s choice.

Our GB1 Fundamentals Class A & B will start with headlock self-defense. Class B will work on taking the back and a should lock. Class A will work on escape from ground headlocks and an Armbar. Both classes will focus on back & turtle escapes. The GB1 drills this week will involve recovering guard from the rear turtle position and a bridge escape from the back to side mount top. Classes will finish off with specific training.

Advanced Class will start with hip throws or hand throws. These will be either, hip throw sweeping both legs, or a 2 hand shoulder throw variation. Next, our instructors will teach 2 collar chokes from the back, as well as taking the back from the turtle. As always, the class will finish off with specific training.

We look forward to seeing you on the mats!