Week 4 Jiu-Jitsu Foot Throws, Mount and Knee on Belly

Week 4 Gracie Barra is happening now!

In our classes we are working foot throws, mount and knee on belly this week.

In the fundamentals we are working the outside hook take down to an arm bar in class A. We also demonstrate a few escapes from mount. In class B we share a body lock take down to mount, another mount escape and a knee on belly escape. All pertinent to a solid jiu-jitus game.

In the advanced class we also work an outside hook take down. Once on the ground you will learn a spinning armbar and a kimura from the knee on belly. In class B we work an ankle pick, arm bar from mount and the x choke from mount.

In our Gracie Barra Kids Program we will learn how to defend a round house kick and take down with a double leg. We also learn a great hip throw. Our instructors will share some excellent escape options from the mount or knee on belly.

Make sure to get your training in even during the holidays. See you on the mats!

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