Week 4! Clinch & Throws, Foot Throws, Knee on Belly

WEEK 4 of the GB Curriculum is here! Get ready for and action-packed week with plenty to learn and practice!

For Tiny Champions and Little Champions I we will focus on distance management, transitions from side control to mount, and mastering a hip throw while controlling the head.

In Little Champions II and Juniors classes we will dive into a kick defense against a double leg takedown, escaping the mount and knee on belly positions, and a headlock hip throw. The class will wrap up with specific training exercises.

In our GB1 Fundamentals class, we will concentrate on escaping a double lapel grab by executing an outside hook takedown. We will also explore a self-defense technique involving a straight armbar. Later on, we will learn how to escape from the mount when caught in a headlock. The drell for this week is an over-the-leg pass. Specific training will revolve around mount and knee on belly positions.

Our GB2 Advanced class will focus on leg throws, including some foot sweeps. We will also revisit mount and knee on belly techniques. Classes will contain a lot of specific training and live rolls.

It will be exciting week of learning at GB Centennial!

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We can’t wait to have you join us on the mats!