Week 4 – Clinch & Holds, Foot Throws, Mount Knee on Belly

We hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the 4th! This is week #4 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum!

Our GB kid’s program will cover round kick defense and a double leg takedown. Afterward, the kids will work on an escape from the mount or knee on the belly. The end of the class will involve specific training of the instructors choosing.

In our GB1 Fundamentals class, we will work on the double lapel grab escape with an outside hook takedown. The self-defense will also incorporate a straight armbar. Afterward, we will cover the escape from the mount with headlocks. Our drill this week will be an over-the-leg pass. Specific training will surround the mount & knee on the belly.

Our advanced class will consist of foot or leg throws. We will also work on a foot sweep off of a gooseneck. Our ground technique will once again cover the mount and knee on the belly. This week will incorporate one of our favorite submissions, the arm triangle. The class will end with specific training as well.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!