Week 3: Unleashing Skills and Camaraderie at Gracie Barra Centennial!

Embark on an exhilarating week of training at Gracie Barra Centennial! 🥋🔥

For our young warriors, the GBK kids‘ classes strike the perfect balance between enjoyment and education. Essential skills like distance management, body lock takedowns, and inside hook takedowns take center stage. As they refine their techniques, they’ll delve into specially curated guard passes guided by our adept instructors, complemented by focused specific training sessions.

In the Fundamentals Class A, the journey begins with the double leg takedown seamlessly transitioning into guard top positions. The class further explores two distinct guard passes, with the GB1 drill tying everything together—navigating students through the intricacies of opening, passing, mounting, and escaping from mount. The ensuing rigorous training session focuses on honing guard techniques, cementing their practical application.

Simultaneously, Class B enhances skills with a concentrated focus on the single-leg takedown during the self-defense segment. Progressing into top guard, students delve into the nuances of sleeve control and knee slice passes. A familiar GB1 drill emphasizes coordinated movements, while targeted specific training reinforces the acquired skills.

The GB1 All-Levels Class A offers a wealth of content, featuring a comprehensive breakdown of the double leg takedown, guard-breaking techniques, and the subtleties of the one-arm under pass. Culminating in mastering submissions from side-control, students then carry the GB1 drill forward, solidifying their technical prowess.

In Class B at the same level, the single-leg takedown takes center stage, followed by exploration of guard-breaking intricacies and the art of executing a double under pass to transition into side control. This knowledge reaches its zenith in perfecting submissions from side-control positions.

Our Advanced Class is tailored for those aspiring to elevate their skills. Students delve into stand-up techniques with leg grabs, followed by mastering leg drags from the outside hook guard. Ground techniques are varied, enhancing versatility, and the session concludes with targeted specific training to reinforce these advanced skills.

🗣️Word of the Week: Integrity

Integrity and Jiu Jitsu share a profound connection rooted in the principles of honor, honesty, and authenticity. Jiu Jitsu, beyond being a martial art, is a discipline that emphasizes respect for oneself and others. The journey in Jiu Jitsu challenges individuals to confront their own character and to approach their training and interactions with sincerity and transparency. In the seamless blend of technique, discipline, and respect, Jiu Jitsu becomes a pathway to building and reinforcing integrity, both as a martial artist and as an individual navigating life’s challenges.

Join us on the mats for an incredible week of growth, camaraderie, and mastery! 🤼‍♂️

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