Week 3! Ground Strike, Leg Grabs and Guard

This week at the Gracie Barra Centennial, there is a variety of classes offered for students of all levels.

In the GBK kids’ classes, they will learn distance management, body lock takedowns, inside hook takedowns, and the instructors’ choice of guard passes, followed by specific training.

The Gracie Barra fundamentals class A will begin with the double leg takedown in the self-defense portion, followed by the guard top position, where they will cover two different passes. The GB1 drill will put together opening, passing, mounting and a mount escape, followed by specific training from guard.

Class B will focus on the single-leg takedown in the self-defense portion, and the sleeve control pass and knee slice pass in top guard. The GB1 drill will be the same as class A, and they will also finish with a similar specific training.

In the GB1 all-levels class A, students will begin with a double leg takedown and move on to breaking the guard, a one arm under pass, and finishing with the submission from side-control. They will also complete the same GB1 drill as in the fundamentals class.

GB1 all-levels class B will start with a single-leg takedown and cover breaking guard, a double under pass to side control, and the submission from side-control.

Finally, the advanced class will work on leg grabs for their stand-up technique, as well as the leg drag from the outside hook guard and a variation of the instructor’s choosing for ground technique, finishing with specific training.

Overall, it’s a packed and exciting week of learning and training at our Jiu Jitsu academy.

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