Week 2 – Headlocks, Hip Throws, and Sidemount


GB1 Fundamentals Classes will work an escape from standing, a rear takedown & technical mount armbars. Students will learn an escape from sidemount recovering closed guard. The drill this week will surround side control. Specific training will also surround side control. Later in the week instructors will show how to get a double leg takedown from turtle position.

GBK Juniors, LC I, & LC II will learn similar moves. All Kids classes will learn a push defense. This will help them build their base and learn to break their fall if needed. All students will learn a side control escape to recover guard. Additionally, later in the week students will the outside hook takedown. Students will learn to use these moves in competitive matches.

Adults All-Levels will work a drop Seo Nagi shoulder throw for the takedown portion of the class. Later in the class we will work a Guard recovery from side control as well as a triangle from the guard recovery.

See y’all on the mats!