Week 16 – Clinches, Holds, Foot Throws, & Mount Knee on Belly

In our GBK Program this week Class A will cover front break falls, escape from the mount, & knee on belly. We will also have specific training at the end of the class. Our Class B later in the week will cover double leg takedowns with grips. The ground technique will be mount or knee on the belly.

Our GB1 Fundamentals classes will cover escape from bear hug under the arm, breaking an opponent’s grips, and the outside hook takedown in Class A. It will also cover, escape from Mount using the bridge, another escape and recovering guard. The drill early this week will involve the open guard position. Our Class B later in the week will cover another bear hug escape and escape from mount. In both classes, we will finish with specific training.

Our GB2 Advanced classes will cover a foot sweep from the back while controlling the arm. We will also cover armbars & triangles from the mount position.

We will see you on the mats!