Week 14! Headlocks, hip throws and side control!

Welcome back to an action-packed Week 14 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum! Get ready to dive back into training and elevate your skills.

In GB1 Fundamentals Classes, we’ll kick off the week by focusing on an essential technique—an escape from a headlock on the ground, transitioning to turtle position. From there, you’ll master the art of inverting your opponent and securing the technical mount, setting up opportunities to attack with an Armbar. Additionally, we’ll cover effective strategies for escaping side mount and recovering half guard, followed by a powerful half guard sweep. Towards the end of the week, you’ll delve into the details of escaping the headlock by taking your opponent’s back.

For our energetic GBK Juniors, this week’s curriculum begins with learning a standing headlock escape and the intricacies of transitioning to side mount. As the week progresses, you’ll explore the technique of pulling guard and develop a strong foundation in executing a side mount escape.

In GBK Little Champs II, we’ll work on a similar standing headlock escape, providing you with the tools to overcome challenging situations. The focus will then shift to the art of pulling guard, enhancing your overall grappling repertoire.

GBK Little Champs I will also discover the headlock escape technique, along with valuable lessons on grappling stances and the significance of maintaining a strong posture during training.

Lastly, our enthusiastic GBK Tiny Champs will be engaged in the same set of moves as GBK Little Champs I, empowering them with fundamental skills and confidence on the mats.

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We can’t wait to see you in action! Get ready to train and let’s make this week a remarkable one.