Week 14 – Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws & Side Mount

Welcome back to Week 14 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum! We hope you enjoyed your Holiday! Now it’s time to get back to training.

GB1 Fundamentals Classes will learn an escape from a headlock on the ground to turtle position. From turtle, students learn to invert their opponent and end up in technical mount. Students can then attack the Armbar. We will also teach escaping side mount to recover half guard followed by a half guard sweep. Later in the week, students will learn details to show they also can escape the headlock by taking the back.

GBK Juniors will learn a standing headlock escape, & how to get to the side mount. Later this week Juniors will pull guard and learn a side mount escape.

GBK  Little Champs II will work a similar standing headlock escape and pulling guard.

GBK Little champs I will also learn a headlock escape and grappling stances & the importance of posturing.

GBK Tiny Champs will work the same moves as GBK Little Champs I

See you on the mats!