Week 14 – Headlocks, Hip & Hand Throws, and Side Mount

This week at Gracie Barra we are defending headlocks in our fundamentals class. These classic situations can occur during a confrontation. Know how to protect yourself. In the sport jiu-jitsu portion of the class, we are escaping side mount and working half-guard sweeps. We are also working on guard retention, a staple in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our GBK Program will be learning the standing Headlock escape, Side Mount transitions, and correct posture for a grappling stance. 

Our GB1 Fundamentals classes will consist of escaping from ground headlocks to turtle position and a few inversions. We will also cover Technical Mount and a straight arm bar. Our Sport Jiu-Jitsu section of classes will involve escaping from side mount bottom, recovering half guard, and elbow control. The GB1 Drill this week will surround passing the guard. Specific training will start from SideMount. 

Our Advanced Program will work on hip and hand throws, side-mount control escapes to the back, and side control escapes to the half guard. We will also learn a choke from side control.