Week 13 – Standing Strike, Transitions to Guard, Sacrifice Throws, & Guard

This week our GBK Program Little Champs will cover standing Rear Choke escapes, and recovering guard from Turtle bottom. Later in the week during our Class B students will work on the One Hand Shoulder Throw. Additionally, our Little Champs 2 will learn the sit-up sweep in Class A. In Class B students will learn the one-hand shoulder throw from the knees, and a submission from Guard Bottom.

GB1 Fundamentals classes will start the week off by blocking punches from closed guard, working on their clinch, and practicing the triangle choke. GB1 will also cover the sit-up sweep and Kimura from closed guard. Later in the week, GB1 will transition toward distance management, knee shield, and spider guard positions. Students will also learn a sweep from the spider guard. Classes will finish with specific training as usual.

GB2 Advanced class will cover transitions to the guard and a sacrifice throw of the instructor’s choice. We will also teach an armbar from closed guard, taking the back from closed guard, omoplata sweep using the lapel, and a hook sacrifice throw.

We are excited for this week and hope to see you on the mats soon!