Week 12 – Mastering Foot Throws, and Taking the Back

Join Us on the Mats This Week at Gracie Barra Centennial!

GB1 Class:
This week in our GB1 class, we’ll be focusing on essential techniques to enhance your Jiu Jitsu skills. We’ll begin by mastering the art of escaping from a front bear hug position, followed by refining our techniques for taking the back from the turtle position. Our drill sessions will encompass the intricacies of executing a clock choke, maintaining side-mount control, and seamlessly transitioning to the mount from side control.

GB All-Levels Class:
In our GB All-Levels class, we’ll cater to practitioners of all levels by delving into fundamental techniques with a touch of sophistication. We’ll start with a detailed exploration of foot sweeps and taking the back from the Turtle position. The class will culminate with a thorough examination of the mechanics behind executing a clock choke from the back position.

GB2 Advanced Class:
For those seeking to refine their skills to an advanced level, our GB2 class will provide the perfect platform. This session will focus on enhancing stand-up techniques, including foot and leg throws, as well as the Collar Drag. We’ll also dedicate time to mastering guard recovery from the turtle position. The class will conclude with targeted training exercises handpicked by our esteemed professor.

GBK Class:
In our GBK class, we prioritize self-defense techniques vital for real-world scenarios. This week, we’ll concentrate on the standing rear choke escape, followed by a comprehensive study of the turtle position and effective strategies for taking the opponent’s back from this position. The class will conclude with high-intensity specific training drills to solidify your skills.

Word of the Week: Mindfulness
At Gracie Barra Centennial, we believe in the power of mindfulness both on and off the mats. Mindfulness in Jiu Jitsu involves being fully present in the moment, aware of your body and surroundings, and making deliberate, conscious choices in your movements. By practicing mindfulness in Jiu Jitsu, we cultivate greater focus, clarity, and resilience, which not only enhances our performance on the mats but also translates to improved well-being in our daily lives.

We can’t wait to see you on the mats this week as we dive deep into these exciting techniques and concepts! Let’s train with intention and passion. See you soon!

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