Week 11 – Ground Strike, Leg Grabs & Guard

GB1 Fundamentals Week 11 will cover clocking a punch & countering with a Hip Throw. On the Sport side of the class, we will work on opening the guard & knee slide passing. The drill this week will include an escape from the mount using a choke & bridge.

GB All-Levels this week will learn the high-crotch double leg takedown. After the takedown students will earn a Half-guard pass with the cross face. Lastly, students will be taught the Kata Gatame AKA the arm-triangle from side control.

GB2 will work on Leg Grabs & the Guard Top Position.

Tiny Champs will learn the BullFighter Pass

Little Champs & Juniors will learn a Hair Pull Defense and a pull-back defense.

We wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday Season! We will see you on the Mats!