Week 11 – Ground Strike, Leg Grabs & Guard

Friday’s going forward will be No-Gi classes for both Kids and Adults classes! Make sure to wear black shorts preferably without pockets and your Gracie Barra Rashguard! Week 11 curriculum this week will build your game!

GB1 Fundamentals Week 11 will cover clocking a punch & countering with a Hip Throw. On the Sport side of the class, we will work on opening the guard & knee slide passing. The drill this week will include an escape from the mount using a choke & bridge.

GB All-Levels this week will learn the high-crotch double leg takedown. After the takedown students will earn a Half-guard pass with the cross face. Lastly, students will be taught the Kata Gatame AKA the arm-triangle from side control.

GB2 will work on Leg Grabs & the Guard Top Position.

Tiny Champs will learn the BullFighter Pass

Little Champs & Juniors will learn a Hair Pull Defense and a pull-back defense.

See you on the mats!