Week 11! Ground strike, leg grabs and guard!

Greetings, everyone!

I hope you’re all excited for another action-packed week of training! Week 11 is going to be particularly thrilling as we delve into some essential techniques that will enhance your skills on the mat.

In this week’s session, we will focus on honing our striking abilities by diving into the intricacies of “clocking a punch.” By understanding the art of timing and precision, you’ll learn how to deliver a powerful punch while minimizing your opponent’s chances of countering effectively. Furthermore, we’ll explore the art of countering with a Hip Throw.

Shifting gears to the sport side of the class, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of guard passing. Our main emphasis will be on mastering the “guard opening” technique, which is a fundamental skill required to overcome your opponent’s defensive posture. Additionally, we’ll delve into the nuances of knee slide passing, an advanced maneuver that allows you to smoothly transition past your opponent’s guard and gain a dominant position.

To reinforce the techniques learned, we have designed an engaging drill for this week. It involves executing an escape from the mount position using a choke and bridge. This drill will help you develop your reflexes, improve your timing, and enhance your overall grappling prowess.

Moving on to GB All-Levels, get ready to add another powerful takedown to your repertoire—the high-crotch double leg takedown. Following the takedown, we will explore a Half-guard pass with the cross face. Finally, we will introduce you to the intricacies of the Kata Gatame, also known as the arm-triangle choke, from side control.

Meanwhile, at GB2, we will be focusing on two key aspects: Leg Grabs and the Guard Top Position. We will explore the Guard Top Position, teaching you how to effectively maintain control and unleash your attacks while on top of your opponent’s guard.

For our young champions in the Tiny Champs class, get ready to master the BullFighter Pass. This technique will enable you to swiftly navigate past your opponent’s guard and establish a dominant position, showcasing your evolving skills and technique.

Our Little Champs and Juniors will be focusing on essential self-defense maneuvers. This week, we will be teaching a Hair Pull Defense technique, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to effectively counter and neutralize an assailant attempting to gain control through a hair pull. Additionally, you will learn a pull-back defense, a crucial maneuver that empowers you to break free from an assailant’s grip and create distance for your safety.

Remember to come prepared, bring your enthusiasm, and let’s make the most of our time on the mats!

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See you on the mats!