Week 10: Mastering Escapes and Takedowns

Welcome back to another exciting week at Gracie Barra Centennial! As we dive into Week 10 of our Gracie Barra Curriculum, we have a fantastic lineup of techniques and drills prepared for students of all ages and levels. Let’s take a closer look at what each group will be working on this week.

Tiny Champions (3-4 years old) and Little Champions 1

Class A:

Technique: Escaping Back Bear Hug

Our youngest champions will learn how to effectively escape from a back bear hug. This foundational self-defense move teaches them awareness and the basics of leverage.

Class B:

Technique: Outside Hook Takedown

In this class, the focus shifts to the outside hook takedown, a fundamental move that introduces our tiny champs to the dynamics of takedowns and balance disruption.

Ground Technique: Mount Escapes with Arms Pinned

Throughout the week, they will also work on escaping the mount position when their arms are pinned to the mat, building their confidence in difficult ground scenarios.

Little Champions 2 and Juniors

Class A:

Technique: Escaping Back Bear Hug Over the Arms

These slightly older kids will advance their skills by learning how to escape a back bear hug over the arms, enhancing their self-defense repertoire.

Class B:

Technique: Outside Hook Takedown

Just like the Tiny Champions, Little Champions 2 and Juniors will also practice the outside hook takedown, perfecting their technique and control.

Ground Technique: Attacks from Mount (Arm Bar/Americana/Chokes)

For ground techniques, the focus will be on offensive moves from the mount position, such as the arm bar, Americana, and various chokes. This teaches them to maintain control and capitalize on advantageous positions.

Fundamentals Class (Adults)

Class A:

Self-Defense Technique: Escaping Standing Guillotine

Adult students will learn how to escape a standing guillotine choke, a crucial self-defense maneuver against a common attack.

Ground Technique: X Choke from Mount with Transition to Technical Mount and Two Collars Choke

On the ground, we’ll practice the X choke from the mount, transitioning smoothly to technical mount and finishing with the two collars choke if the initial choke attempt is unsuccessful.

Class B:

Self-Defense Technique: Escaping Side Headlock with Punches

In this class, the focus is on escaping from a side headlock while dealing with punches, an important skill for real-world self-defense scenarios.

Ground Technique: Straight Armbar from Mount/Key Lock from Mount

Ground techniques will include the straight armbar from the mount and the key lock from the mount, enhancing students’ submission skills from a dominant position.

All Levels and Advanced Classes

Techniques: Hip/Hand Throws and Professor’s Choice Ground Technique

Students in these classes will work on hip and hand throws, building their takedown arsenal. For the ground technique, the professor will introduce a move of their choice, adding variety and advanced strategies to the training.

Specific Training and Drills:

To wrap up each class, we’ll engage in specific training and drills designed to reinforce the techniques learned and improve overall conditioning and muscle memory.

🗣️Word of the Week: Patience

This week’s word is “patience.” In jiu-jitsu, patience is a critical attribute. Whether you are escaping a difficult position, waiting for the right moment to execute a technique, or progressing through your belt ranks, patience is key. It teaches us to stay calm under pressure, think strategically, and understand that mastery comes with time and consistent effort.

Remember, every small step forward is progress. Stay patient, stay committed, and keep training hard.

We look forward to another great week on the mats at Gracie Barra Centennial. See you in class!

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