Week 10 – Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws, Mount Knee on Belly

In the GBK Program, students will learn a Bear Hug Escape, Outside Hook Takedown, and Mount Escape with arms pinned. Our Juniors will cover an Outside Hook Variation, and a similar self-defense Bear Hug escape. Both Little Champions 1 & 2 will finish with specific training. Instructors will also share an attack from Mount.

In our GB1 Fundamentals class for Adults & Teens, we will start by working on the standing Guillotine, then we will move on to the X Choke from Mount. After covering those two chokes our Professors will show technical mount finishes. The Drill will consist of a transition from technical mount. Later in the week, our instructors will show how to escape side headlocks standing. We will also show students the Straight Armbar from the mount and the Key Lock Submission. The Second Drill will involve opening the guard, passing to Mount position, and a submission repeating. Specific training will involve Knee on Belly.

All-Levels this week will learn the Kata Guruma, X-Choke from mount, and the Bow & Arrow from Technical mount.

Our GB2 Advanced class this week will start with a Hand Throw. Professors will show the ground technique surrounding Knee on Belly escapes, and a Mount Escape to Single Leg X. Class will finish with 5 Minute Rolls.

Thank you to each and every one of our students for keeping up to date with the GB Curriculum! We will see you on the mats!!