Week 10! Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws and Armbar from Mount!

Greetings, Gracie Barra Team!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Week 10 of our exciting Gracie Barra curriculum. This week is all about mastering essential self-defense techniques that will enhance your Jiu-Jitsu prowess. Let’s dive into what each class has in store for you:

GBK Kids Classes:
Our focus in this class is on nurturing your child’s self-defense skills. They’ll be learning the Outside Hook Takedown and mastering a Bear Hug Escape. Additionally, they’ll explore an Outside Hook Variation and a self-defense Bear Hug escape. To challenge them further, both Little Champions 1 & 2 will engage in specific training exercises. Instructors will also demonstrate an attack from the Mount position.

GB1 Fundamentals (Adults & Teens):
Designed to create a robust foundation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this class kicks off with the standing Guillotine technique, transitioning seamlessly into the armbar from Mount. Students will also delve into technical mount finishes and practice transitioning from this position. As the week progresses, instructors will guide you through standing escapes from side headlocks. You’ll also be introduced to the Straight Armbar and the Key Lock Submission from the mount. The second drill focuses on opening the guard, passing to the Mount position, and executing a submission. Specific training exercises will emphasize the Knee on Belly position.

Our All-Levels class is open to participants of all experience levels. Throughout the week, you’ll learn the Kata Guruma throw, the X-Choke from mount, and the Bow & Arrow submission from Technical Mount. This diverse range of techniques presents an excellent opportunity to expand your skill set and refine your existing techniques.

GB2 Advanced:
Tailored for our advanced practitioners, this class covers a variety of high-level techniques. Starting with a Hand Throw, the focus then shifts to ground techniques, including escaping from the Knee on Belly position and executing a Mount Escape to Single Leg X. The class concludes with 5-minute rolls, offering you the chance to apply your skills in live training situations.

Get ready for a week of intense learning and skill development! See you on the mats, ready to elevate your Jiu-Jitsu game to new heights. Let’s roll!

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