Week 10 Gracie Barra – Mount and Knee on Belly

This week in the Gracie Barra curriculum we are training the Mount and Knee on Belly. In addition we are working some chokes and Hip and Hand Throws 

In the Fundamentals class we start in our self defense with defending headlocks and performing a guillotine. From there we demonstrate x choke from mount and the two collar choke from a technical mount. We also show the transition an armbar from mount which can really help you in your top game. Finally in the fundamentals class we perfect our key lock submission. It is a great week to train fundamentals at Gracie Barra and improve your game. 

In the advanced classes we begin standing with our hand and hip throws. Once we get the take down our professors share their insight on solid ways to progress to the mount and knee on belly. Finally they we give you options for submissions in each advantageous position. 

In the Gracie Barra Kids program we are also defending headlocks, a popular way kids get into confrontations. We then work the mount and knee on belly just like our fundamentals class. This is especially great for families. You get to practice and share the same moves together. The word of the week is cooperation: the process of working together to the same end, a partnership. 

We look forward to seeing you this week at Gracie Barra Centennial Jiu-Jitsu. 

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