The 4 Most Common Jiu-Jitsu White Belt Problems

This week’s Gracie Barra Technique post is for the first year white belt students. In your first year of training jiu-jitsu there are some very common technique problems that are shared by most students.

Getting caught under side control? You are not alone!

Do you struggle to open the legs and pass the closed guard? Many other new students experience the same difficulty.

Let’s take a look at four common problems and some technique videos by Gracie Barra instructors to help you solve those problems.

Escaping side control

Your guard gets passed, the opponent secures head control and places their bodyweight on your chest..and you are stuck under a heavy side control and unable to escape. Soon, you start to fatigue and your opponent gets a submission.

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Passing Closed Guard

It can be very difficult to pass the closed guard of a more experienced opponent. They will break your posture and attack with chokes, triangles or arm locks. They will disrupt your base and sweep you to the bottom position.

You need a solid posture and base and a guard pass to get past your opponent’s legs. Opening the locked and closed legs of your opponent can be tricky.

Triangle Lock Defense From The Guard

If you don’t have a solid plan to defend submissions, you will find yourself tapping early and often. The good news is that there ARE submission counters and measures you can take to avoid getting in difficult situations.

A very common submission is when you are passing guard and your opponent traps your arm and head together. Note which direction the instructor circles to escape the triangle.

Giving your back

The worst position that you can find yourself on the ground is when your opponent catches the rear mount with hooks in. In addition to not exposing your back to be taken in the first place, you need a method to remove the hooks and turn towards your opponent.

We hope you enjoyed this tips to help your game. If you would like to learn more from our blog check out 3-Tips to improve your guard