Kickstarting Our Curriculum: Week 1 at Gracie Barra Centennial

We are excited to announce that our curriculum is starting over once again! This week marks the beginning of Week 1 in the Gracie Barra Curriculum, and we have an exciting lineup of techniques and lessons planned for all our students. Here’s what we will be working on:

Tiny Champions (3-4 years old) & Little Champions 1:

In Class A, our Tiny Champions will focus on essential self-defense techniques, starting with understanding body language, learning how to maintain distance management, and using verbal commands for effective self-defense. Moving into Class B, they will dive into the fundamentals of basic judo grips and practice techniques to unbalance their partner. Throughout the week, the ground technique will focus on escaping guard control, teaching them how to lock their feet behind their partner’s back and control their posture by holding their collar.

Little Champions 2 & Juniors:

For our Little Champions 2 and Juniors in Class A, the focus remains on self-defense, covering the importance of body language and honing skills in distance management and verbal commands. In Class B, they will advance their stand-up techniques with basic judo grips, practice an off-balancing drill, and learn the foot sweep technique. The ground techniques for the week will cover sweeps and submissions from bottom guard, selected by the professor to challenge and develop their skills.

Fundamentals Class A (Adults):

Our adult students in the Fundamentals Class A will work on practical self-defense techniques, starting with escaping from side control when under attack, recovering guard, and finishing with a technical lift. Ground techniques will include pulling to closed guard using the foot on the hip and mastering the scissor sweep from bottom guard. In Class B, adults will tackle escaping mount when under attack and finish in closed guard. Ground techniques will focus on the X collar choke from closed guard, utilizing both four fingers inside the collar and thumb inside the collar.

All Levels Class and Advanced:

The All Levels and Advanced classes will work on sacrifice throws or transitions to guard, with ground techniques chosen by the professor. Every session will wrap up with specific training and drills to reinforce the week’s lessons.

🗣️Word of the Week: Leadership

This week’s word is leadership, a crucial element in Jiu-Jitsu. Leadership involves guiding and motivating others, setting a positive example, and helping teammates improve. Whether you’re leading by example on the mats, encouraging a fellow student, or demonstrating resilience and determination, leadership is a key aspect of our training and personal development.

We are excited to kick off the new curriculum cycle and look forward to seeing everyone’s progress this week. Let’s train hard and make the most of every class!

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