Week 7 – Ground Strikes, Leg Grabs, & Guard

GBK Programs will work on Wrist Grab Escapes in Class A and Single Legs takedowns in Class B. The ground techniques this week will be surrounding guard top and guard passing. We will finish with specific training.

Our GB1 Fundamentals will establish distance management with the arm, and a body lock takedown. We will also work on the over-the-leg guard pass. Our GB1 Drill will work on the same guard pass. In our Sport-Jiu-Jitsu segment of the class, students will work on Spider-Guard passes as well. The class will finish with specific training from the Guard position.

In our GB2 Advanced class, the stand-up technique students will learn is a single-leg from an Arm Drag. The ground technique will cover a Spider guard pass, as well as a Lasso Guard pass. As always students will finish the class with specific training from the guard position.

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