Gracie Barra Week 4 – Mount and Knee on Belly

This week is mount and knee on belly at Gracie Barra Centennial Jiu-Jitsu. This is the time to improve your escape from the dominant positions as well as learning how to control your opponent. 

GB1 Fundamentals

Double Lapel Grab Escape with
Outside Hook Takedown + Straight


1. Escape from the Mount with
Headlock Using the Bridge
2. Escape from the Mount with
Choke Using the Bridge


1. Two Hand Throat Grab Escape +
Block Knee Strike + Jab Slip + Body Lock
Take Down + Transition to the Mount


1.  Escape from the Mount Using the
Elbows when the Opponent Does Not Open
the Knee + Recovering the Full Guard
2.  Knee on Belly Escape Pushing the Belt
Knot + Half Technical Lift + Ankle Pick

GB2 Advanced

Come learn our Professor’s And Coach’s favorite foot throws. Also learn some of their awesome submissions from Mount and Knee on Belly.

GB Kids 

The word of the week is Respect in our Gracie Barra Kids program. Bring your kids to learn some great mount escapes and some life lessons as well. See you on the mats. 

For submission from sidemount check out these videos