Gracie Barra Riviera Maya 2019 Trip Details Announced

In February of 2018 Professor Rafael and I were able to attend the Gracie Barra Riviera Maya Trip. Each year it is held at a top notch resort near Cancun. The all-inclusive resort, jiu-jitsu training with Gracie Barra world champions and GB students from around the world, hanging on the beaches and traveling the Mayan ruins was  a perfect escape from the day to day in the winter. 

The 5-Star resort had all the amenities right on the beach of the Caribbean. The rooms were spacious and private. The multiple dining choices of cuisine from around the world never left you hungry. Sharing this time with other GB students  was priceless. I made some great friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. Now when I go to a school in London, Chicago, Texas, or Utah I will not be a stranger. 

As a team we visited the Mayan ruins. This was a great time building relationship with our GB Brothers and Sisters. 

On top of the classic Mexican vacation we were able to train and learn from world champions. A few memorable moment I took home from last year was a great way to train sequences taught by Multi-time World Champion Professor Carlos Lemos Jr. His patience and execution of teaching embedded this method into me and now I use it often when teaching. Another Multi-time World Champion Professor Romulo, showed us some exciting options from the x-guard and Mount. Again, moves I continue to practice today. These are just a few Professors we learned from. There were many more. 

Last year the Gracie Barra Riviera Maya trip was a great experience and I look forward to attending in 2019. We hope some of our GB Centennial families are able to participate this year. Click on the image below for more info. See you on the beach, Coach Robert