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What is inside GB Online?

GB Online News

The News section is everything happening in. Gracie Barra all in one place. You can see the updated posts of Gracie Barra social media feeds Instagram, Twitter, upcoming GB events, training camps, competitions and be notified of new GB courses. The weekly GB Training Plan is updated to keep all GB schools in sync. Check here to see what is going on in your GB school this week.

GB Blog

GB Blog articles discuss a variety of jiu-jitsu related topics, interviews, articles on training methods, jiu-jitsu motivation and philosophy, technique videos and the jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

GB Community

The GB Community is a message board for students and instructors throughout the GB network who would like to connect with other students and instructors all over the world. Looking for a Gracie Barra school when traveling? Have a training question? Post your message here.

GB People 

Search by person name or Gracie Barra school if you are looking for information on  Gracie Barra location.

Exclusive Free Content

Videos with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. such as FREE Carlos Gracie Jr. Live Seminar.

Feature video of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. – Life Lessons where Master Carlos Gracie Jr. shares his many life lessons in the areas of loyalty, friendship, discipline and other important subjects in a 7 part video series.

You won’t find this original content anywhere else.

Gracie Barra Online Courses and Premium Content

ICP Pro 2019

The ICP Pro is the full 10-course version of the Instructor Certification Program for instructors who have not completed an ICP before. Be the best instructor you can be and learn from the best jiu-jitsu leader training course available anywhere.

ICP Legacy – The ICP Legacy is a shortened 5-course version of the ICP covering the most important updates and information needed for instructors. It is only available for instructors who have completed ICP6 Revisited

GB1 Online – GB1 Online is Gracie Barra’s companion training course to your real life GB1 training. Together with Master Carlos as your teacher, you will learn the fundamentals of each move that is the foundation of GB1 and BJJ. Take your game to the next level with GB1 Online.

Divided into the 16 weeks of the GB curriculm, the GB1 is the only place you can learn the techniques from the founder of Gracie Barra, Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

For more Advanced practitioners we have the GB2 Online with Vitor Estima.

Professor Victor Estima, one of the greatest of all time, will teach you his best Jiu-Jitsu through the structure of the GB² Program offering 96 amazing techniques to bring your game to the next level!

Gracie Barra Online will continue to bring you new content from the world’s largest jiu-jitsu organization.

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