Week One – GB Jiu-Jitsu Training Curriculum 4.0 Starts Now!

The new Gracie Barra 4.0 Curriculum Starts now. Start your fall with the best in self-defense and sport jiu-jitsu at Gracie Barra Centennial.

In our Fundamentals Program we get down to the basics:

1. Escape from Sidemount with Punches
+ Recovering the Guard + Technical Lift
2. Pulling to the Closed Guard
Using the Foot on the Hip
3. Scissor Sweep
Pulling to the Closed Guard + Scissor Sweep

4. Escape from Mount with Punches +
Bridge + Posture from Closed Guard
5. X Collar Choke from Closed Guard with
Four Fingers Inside the Collar
6. X Collar Choke from the Closed
Guard with the Thumb Inside the Colar
Pulling to the Closed Guard + X
Collar Choke

In the Advanced Classes we work on sacrifice throws, transitions to the guard, and guard bottom.

In our Gracie Barra Kids Program we follow with the basics, distance control for self defense and guard. We teach the students how to properly pull guard and sweeps from the guard.

Each week we build on the foundation of  solid basics in jiu-jitsu and help our students build a complete game. No better time than today to start.

If you want to learn more about what its like to take a class at Gracie Barra click here.