Empower Your Jiu Jitsu Journey – Week 16 at Gracie Barra Centennial

Welcome to Week 16 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum at Gracie Barra Centennial! This week, we have an exciting and comprehensive plan for all our students, from our Tiny Champions to our advanced practitioners. Let’s dive into the details of what each class will be focusing on:

Tiny Champions (3-4 years old), Little Champions 1 & 2, and Juniors

Class A:

  • Techniques: Front break fall + rocking chair + technical lift.
  • Ground Technique: Escaping mount and knee on belly.

Class B:

  • Techniques: Double leg takedown with grips.
  • Ground Technique: Escaping mount and knee on belly.

Our youngest students will build a solid foundation in safety and basic movements with front break falls and rocking chair drills, while also mastering the double leg takedown. Ground techniques will focus on essential escapes to help them gain confidence and control on the mat.

Fundamentals Class for Adults

Class A:

  • Self-Defense Technique: Escaping from front bear hug under the arm + breaking opponent’s grips + outside hook takedown + finishing with a straight armbar.
  • Ground Technique: Escaping from mount using bridge and escaping mount using elbows when opponent opens the knee.

Class B:

  • Self-Defense Technique: Escaping rear bear hug over the arm + hooking on the leg + hand on the floor + finishing with leg lock.
  • Ground Technique: Escaping from mount using the elbows when opponent initiates the transition to the mount and taking their back; knee on belly escape turning to turtle and finishing in open guard.

Our Fundamentals class will focus on practical self-defense scenarios, ensuring students can protect themselves effectively. The ground techniques emphasize critical escapes and transitions to improve control and positioning during grappling.

All Levels and Advanced Class

  • Techniques: Foot throws.
  • Ground Technique: Professor’s choice.

For our All Levels and Advanced students, this week’s focus will be on mastering foot throws, a fundamental aspect of Jiu Jitsu that enhances balance and timing. The ground techniques will be selected by the professor, tailored to challenge and develop the skills of our advanced practitioners.

🗣️Word of the Week: Service

In Jiu Jitsu, the concept of “service” plays a crucial role. Service means supporting and helping others, both on and off the mat. In our training, we serve our teammates by being good training partners, providing constructive feedback, and encouraging each other’s progress. Off the mat, we extend this principle to our community, offering help and support where needed. By embodying the spirit of service, we create a positive and nurturing environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Join us this week for an engaging and enriching experience as we continue to develop our skills and deepen our understanding of Jiu Jitsu. See you on the mats!

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